war income tax actOver the last 20 years, Attorney I. Jay Katz has written a number of tax law review articles.  Click The Jay Katz Collection of Law Review Articles to download.

An Offer in Compromise You Can’t Confuse: It is not the Opening Bid of a Delinquent Taxpayer to Play Let’s Make a Tax Deal with the Internal Revenue Service, 81  Miss. L. J. 1673 (2012) (lead article).

The William O. Douglas Tax Factor:  Where Did the Spin Stop and Who Was He Looking Out For?, 3 Charlotte Law Review 133 (2012) (lead article).

The Untold Story of Crane v. Commissioner Reveals an Inconvenient Tax Truth:  Useless Depreciation Deductions Cause Global Basis Erosion to Bait A Hazardous Tax Trap For Unwitting Taxpayers, 30 Va. Tax Rev. 559 (2011).

It’s A Wonderful Life Insurance Policy: Choosing the Correct Theory to Tax the Employee In Employer Pay All Equity Split-Dollar Arrangements Is More Than Just Splitting Heirs, 53 Tax Law. 143 (1999)

The Deductibility of Educational Costs:  Why Does Congress Allow the IRS to Take Your Education So Personally? 17 Va. Tax Rev. 1 (1997) (lead article)

Did Zarin Have a Tufts Day At a Casino Made Out of Kirby Lumber?  26 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 261 (1993) (lead article)


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